ADR Logistics Freight Transportation in Western Europe

Company Name: ADR Logistika, UAB
Company code: 304856596
Address and postal code: Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipeda, 94181
Coordinates: 55.681301, 21.184814
VAT Code: LT100011965512
Swedbank, bank code: 73000
Settlement account: LT887300010155430496
Director: Kęstutis Videikis
Mobile Phone Number: +37069555954 LT, RU for Languages
Number of vehicles: 4
Number of Employees: 6 (Only EU drivers)

Director Kestutis Videikis

Cargo transportation experience 5 years.

10 years of driver training experience.

ADR driver training experience 5 years.

Two Master’s Degrees.

Loving your work.

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ADR Logistics Freight Transportation in Western Europe


Field of Practical and Scientific Activities, which covers various issues of material flows, especially of goods, movement and organizational processes of commercial activity. ADR Logistics Freight Transportation in Western Europe. Also planning, implementation and control measures, including organization of optimal cargo flow, management of transportation, warehousing and other tangible and intangible operations from the acquisition of raw materials and materials to delivery to the production company, internal production of raw materials and materials and semi-finished products, finished products corresponding to its interests and requirements for delivery to the consumer, as well as the required information transfer, storage and processing, ADR logistics freight transportation safely and reliably. 

Factors of logistic development

Interest in logistics development issues in developed countries was first and foremost linked to economic reasons. The growth of production volumes and the development of domestic and global economic relations encouraged the increase of turnover costs, thus the attention of entrepreneurs was focused on optimization of new forms of market activity and reduction of expenses in this sphere. ADR Logistics Cargo transportation to optimize costs and revenue for both the company and the customer. Some individual goods optimization work intensified. The best solutions for warehouse layouts, optimal batch size delivery, best shipping routes, and more. In order to simplify the movement of complex goods flows and to minimize or eliminate various factors, the rules of international regulation of the movement of goods have been adopted. The development of logistics is mainly determined by the following factors: the complexity of the market relations system, the increase in the requirements for the qualitative characteristics of the distribution process, the introduction of modern computer technology and technologies and science and communications into business practices, the unification of rules and norms for the supply of goods in external economic activities, the different types of import and export restrictions. road removal and standardization of road, transport and cargo facilities in countries around the world that develop intense economic interactions. ADR Logistics Cargo transportation aims at economical and reliable transportation of cargo in Western Europe.


Driver training

ADR Logistics Freight Transportation Europe has experienced drivers, and the new ones only work with experienced drivers until they have sufficient experience for safe and reliable work on their own. ADR Logistics Freight Transportation Workers improve their knowledge and driving skills at the LT Republic driving school